Vtg. De Witt Clinton Commandery, K.T. Sword Masonic Knight Templar Porthmouth NH

This auction is for a Masonic knights Templar Sword and it's original scabbard. The sword's blade is marked on one side " De Witt Clinton Commandery, K.T. Porthmouth N.H. " and on the other side of the blade it is marked "Roger Kelchner " (I think that I am reading it correctly). Interesting that they have spelled Portsmouth, N.H. differently, instead spelling it Porthmouth. I have shown these markings in pictures #7 & #8. At the base of the blade up under the decorative over hanging part of the handle it looks to read " The Lilley Ames Co ." I have tried to show some part of the marking in picture #10, but unfortunately all that you can see is the first two words " The Lilley" , I could not get the camera to catch any more. Although by using a magnifying glass and tilting the sword this way and that, you can also make out the words " Ames Co .". There looks to be something else written below the words Ames Co., but I can't quite read it.
The blade of the sword is in excellent condition, no damage at all. The scabbard looks to be perhaps silver-plated ( a magnet will not stick to it ) and there are a couple of worn spots on it's lower quarter where the underlying brass colored metal shows through. I have shown these areas in picture #5. There is also some tarnish on the scabbard, especially up towards the top. The scabbard
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