You are bidding on a Vintage Lift Arm Lighter that reads patents pend. on the bottom of it. It has an approx. 1" by 1" square watch that fits into the front of this lighter. The front of this watch reads ELSMERE and the back of this watch reads Three 3 Adjustments, Six 6 Jewels, Swiss, Elsmere Watch Co. This watch does not work. When I was messing around with the watch, it appeared to work for a couple seconds and then quit again. I purchased approx. 50 Lighters from an Estate Sale and I am in the process of listing them all. I will describe anything I believe to be detrimental to each individual lighter I am listing and I will do this at the beginning of each listing. As for this lighter and all others, the generalization is..... They will all require fluid and/or flint. I did not attempt to clean any of these Lighters and they are in used condition. I have not tested any of these Lighters and they may or may not need repair. I will charge $4.00 S&H for the first Lighter Auction you win and I will charge $2.00 S&H for each additional Lighter you bid on and win. I will combine all into one package to Mail and you must wait for me to revise your invoice before paying. My goal is to honestly describe my items, to the best of my ability. I am not an expert in any field of collecting and I always attempt to disclose anything

A friend of mine was over, admiring this watch, and he told me he thought it would have originally came with plastic or glass covering the face of the watch. I do not know if this is a fact or not, but it does not have anything covering the face and I thought it was worth mentioning in case the picture did not show it. Tom

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