Vtg Fenton Glass Swirling Blue Ruffled Large Pitcher

This is an outstanding vintage c1940s Fenton Indigo/Cobalt Swirling Blue Pitcher Ruffled Edge, Clear Deco Handle
11"H x 6"(middle) x 4" (base)
This is a stunningly beautiful Fenton Glass Pitcher...Blue on blue swirling glass with a subtle hint of lavender. I want to make it clear that this is not iridescent glass but, it does appear to have a lavender hue. These photos were taken on a very overcast day so the sun did not play a factor in the secondary color. This is not a light pitcher, it's very sturdy yet gives the appearance of being delicate. Under careful scrutiny I could not find any chips or scratches however, there appears to be these swirling like marks i n the glass-I think that they were created as part of the design.
This is yet another fantastic piece of Fenton glass in excellent vintage condition.

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