VTG-Florenza-Arabic Inspired Statement Necklace w/Key Tassles N/R

Arabic inspired statement necklace by FLORENZA. This one is a beauty and is on a amazing pewter tone cable link chain (18"). The slide/pendant measures 4"X2" with two cabochon stones meant to represent coral & turquoise. Note the tassels at the bottom....two key motifs in the center. Signed Florenza on the back.

No Reserve 7 Day Auction

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Vintage Jewelry that I sell is OLD. Generally jewelry that is at least 25 years old...lots of times it can be 50 to 100 years old. STUFF happens, a stone could fall out during mailing, It could break after you wear it once. IE-Art Deco necklaces were done on cotton string...they BREAK. Please understand it is part of the bargain when you buy the charm of vintage is that it is old and not perfect. Please be aware I do not INTENTIONALLY sell you something that will break or that is damaged...it just happens.

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