vtg GI Joe accessories JUNK YARD mostly Hasbro and a little Aftermarket

vintage GI Joe junkyard of accessories - this lot is a mixture of mostly vintage Hasbro made GI Joe accessories (the fronts and backs of the Hasbro items are pictured in Scans 2 and 3) along with a little vintage Aftermarket accessories which are scaled for GI Joe (the fronts and backs of the Aftermarket pieces are shown in Scans 4 and 5). ... Scan 1 simply shows everything in a bundle.

Condition - Broken/Damaged, being offered STRICTLY FOR PARTS OR DIORAMA USE

Year - circa 1964 to 1976

Contents - What the accessories are should be self-explanatory from looking at the scans. This listing is a JUNK LOT. Everything in this lot has issues. Purchase with that in mind as I want no problems. The GI Joe Mouth of Doom shorts are untagged just as Hasbro issued them; they are heavily stained and appear to have a small amount of orange color transfer on them from laying against the dried out, totally stiff orange scuba cowl for many years. The Hasbro paratrooper helmet is missing the strap and both lugs; it is heavily melt marked on the outside as well. The medic stretcher is missing its underside supports. The other items have obvious issues and missing parts to them as the scans show.

To Clarify - the easiest way to tell what comes in this lot is to view Scans 2 and 4 (the other scans simply show those same items in different
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