VTG GOLDEN NUGGET Gambling Hall Rooming House Green Sealed Card Deck WHITMAN

Vintage cellophane sealed GOLDEN NUGGET Gambling Hall Rooming House Green(No white border) with Red and Gold accents card deck
Believed to be Type 8- 8th generation 1977(if research holds true)
Cannot be certain there ever was a tuck box for this sealed deck or not.Have done a decent amount of research up to this point to the best of my ability and have yet to locate this exact deck.Resources have information in reference to it and similar green decks that have white borders around the cards and on the box itself.Questions remain as to where and in what manner these decks sold or distributed and was there additional packaging.
WHITMAN AKA The Western Playing Card Co. RACINE, WIS
Contains: 2 Jokers "CRUSADER"
1 1977 Calendar Card
"Rank of Poker Hands" Card
No tuck box-as found
Overall pre-owned green GOLDEN NUGGET,cellophane sealed deck of cards is very good to excellent condition having only very minor indications of handling and possible storage over time.An approximately half inch slit exists in the cellophane on one corner covering the top card,a few tiny imperfections or wear along the edge of the top card where if you look closely,white can be seen,also the deck appears to be ever so slightly bowed.Ripples and wrinkles in the cellophane are to be expected.
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