2 VTG Handmade Catholic Dolls Oneeda Boy & Girl Mourning/Funeral Blk Garb Cross

Near find. I am guessing they are handmade. Someone sure did a beautiful job making their outfits. I am not sure , but thought they might be in mourning? I suppose the boy could be an alter boy...? In any event I thought someone may give them a loving home. Each doll closes his/her eyes when lying flat. The girl has a plastic type face...with a movable head. Her outfit looks to be pinned in some spots. Her hands are painted..which was different. She is carrying a rosary (Italy)...she has lil blk shoes and a tear in one stocking (pictured). She measures about 11" tall..and doesn't stand on her own.
The lil gentleman has a vinyl head & the marking Oneeda on the back..his eyes also close when lying flat. He stands in his own with some adjusting..Measures. About 11" as well.
They are not perfect..however no splits or breaks. They are clean and ready to display.