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We have an amazing Sterling Silver piece of vintage 1940's Costume Jewelry that I have seen no w else, including reference books! This is a large heavy piece that is marked Norseland Sterling by Coro Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. and has the most incredible detail and motif I have ever seen. We all have seen the usual solo Bird theme that turns up occaisionally and that is wonderful but this particular pin far surpasses that even!

The motif is a gorgeous Art Nouveau Bird with very detailed Eye, Beak with air hole, feathers and feet. His head is turned to the left and his beak is actually opened and in the process of bitting one of the pendulous Grapes or Berries that take up the rest of the Pin! These sensuous Grapes appear in two bunches including many leaves, stems and even a flower bud right under Birds tail! I also love the Birds feet that appear to be clinging to the outside circular border that goes around entire Pin!

This Pin is actually heavy and has aquired nice mellow patina from handling over the years. On back you have the locking C clasp pin which works and the signature. The
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