VTG Le Galion Sortilege Perfume 1 oz MINT

VTG Le Galion Sortilege Perfume 1 oz
Vintage mint condition green box with a ship in the center is that of LeGalio from Sortilege and was made in Paris France. The cellophane wrapper is still in tact with a label on the side. Although it is torn in the front I have not opened the bottle in case the new buyer wants the cellophane to stay the way it is.
This is one fl oz ladies and any French perfume is wonderful.
All Our Items Are Vintage or Gently Used None of the items We Sell Are New. Enclosed is an explanation of our condition ratings for our vintage items. Each will vary per item and per auction.
MINT: In the original box (from which it has never been removed), as it came from the factory. This criteria is so difficult to meet, that it is almost NEVER used.
Appears to be never worn or used, nor stored improperly. It may display its age by tarnishing, especially in silver (once polished, however, it is no longer Near Mint).
Top condition with no chipping, fading, missing stones, no yellowing stones, no peeling, no worn prongs or edges. Backs (especially of earrings) may be very slightly worn as long as the front is still in Top Condition. Replaced stones should be so perfect in size cut and color that it is virtually unnoticeable.
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