VTG Lion King BeanBag MicroBead Chair Child Kid Size SIMBA Hakuna Matata 90s

Lion King Microbead Chair

Th e dimensions of the chair are (approx!) 18"W x 18"D x 16"H
Image on the back of the seat of Simba in the sunset.
Beautiful Orange and Yellow colors!
Two small holes have been repaired, please see the photos.
There are still a very large amount of microbeads left inside
the chair. The print on the chair is a bit faded from normal use.
Very light discolorations on the seat and above the letter "A" in "hakuna".
The underside of the chair has tiny grip dots, which are a
bit discolored. Still looks very nice!
Stored and shipped in a poly bag to keep it safe!
Please message us if you need any more info or photos.
Thanks for looking. :)