Amazing Mexican Vintage Enamel and Silver Oval Pillbox.

Old Taxco School , Fully Marked, ca. 1970’s.

This pillbox is a perfect example of the high quality of Mexican silversmiths. It was crafted in the Taxco workshops which are famous for their great quality in the manufacture of this kind of pieces. This work comes from years of tradition of producing silver jewelry in Taxco . It is known that the silver of Mexico is internationally recognized for its purity and extraordinary artistic qualities. In all the workshops, silversmith was almost entirely done by hand.

This beautiful oval pillbox was made in silver ca. 1970’s. The lid has floral ornaments with chiseled details that are raised from the base; between the contours of these ornaments it has black enamel. It also has a brown enamel line that follows the perimeter around it. The lid also fits perfectly to the box. An incredible amount of handwork was invested in this sterling piece. The enamel has two small chips on it and has its original patina.

It measures: 1 ¾ X 1 1/8 in. and 5/8 in. of height.

It is fully marked as follows: 925.

It weights: 18.7 gr.

This piece is in really good vintage condition, it has only some minor surface scratches and dents common to any worn vintage piece and the details already mentioned.
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