VTG Oval FRAMES-Floral Still LIfe Prints Countess ZICHY

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This week we are featuring 2 Floral Prints in oval frames. They are a publication of EG Co. NY. One piece is titled Little Dahlias Z 32 and the other is titled Asters Z 33. They are prints of original painting by Countess Zichy.

Measures 7.25" x 8.75" and 5.25" x 6.5" opening.

Countess Maria Zichy, painter, 1893-1962. Countess Maria Zichy was born in Budapest as Erzsebet Podvinecz, she became known commercially as the Countess Zichy, painting under the name of Countess Maria Zichy. She studied in Budapest locally before studying in Paris and returned to Hungary to study at the Royal Hungarian Academy. She was the first woman recognized for her portraiture by the Royal Academy of Hungary. After traveling to the United States and returning to Europe many times, she finally settled in the U.S. and gained renown as a portraitist for the elites. She started teaching at the YWCA and eventually opened her own school: the Countess Zichy Academy of Art in New York City.

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