VTG Pflueger Medalist 1492 Fly Reel Bamboo Cane Rod NEW

This reel is part of a recent fly fishing estate that I have acquired. I am a 34 year experienced fly fisherman and can answer most of your questions that you may have. This 1492 Medalist would work great on a small, vintage cane rod. It will hold a 2, 3 or 4 wt line. This is the smallest version ever made and of the highest quality, American made era. I believe it is right hand only, not positive if it can be switched. It looks to have never been lined, and definately never fished. I am unsure as to which era it came from. Shipping is $5.50 to the lower 48.

In the coming weeks, I will be listing many vintage, cool fly fishing items. Names such as Orvis, Hardy, Leonard, Vom Hofe (yes, Vom Hofe), Wheatley, Fenwick will be listed, along with fully dressed classic salmon flies and other odds and ends. You may want to add me to your favorites.