VTG Pink Floyd 1987 Concert T-Shirt, Program, Ticket, +

Vintage 1987 Pink Floyd Concert T-Shirt, Tour Program, Ticket Stub Memorabilia Set

plus One Bada** Airbrushed Tee featuring Gerald Scarfe's "Scream" from The Wall

Hello! Welcome to the machine ... er ... auction. This is a weird one: I don't remember when I actually came into ownership of these items since I was only 9 when this show happened and my "mama don't dance and my daddy don't rock n' roll", so I know they didn't take me. I must've acquired them one day in those fuzzy years during or right after college when I was listening to a lot of Floyd. I'm sure you can imagine there might be a few reasons for my unfortunate memory loss.

In any case, I have these things now, and I want them to go to a fan who will appreciate and wear them. The concert tshirt, program and ticket stub are from a Columbus show performed on the second U.S. leg of the '87-'88 Momentary Lapse of Reason tour. From the photo stills included in the program, it appears to have been a spectacle, even w/o the services of Mr. Waters. I've included 2 shots of the inside of the program just because Gilmour + massive light show must've been a truly ridiculous trip.

The airbrushed tee shirt is probably from the same year, b/c it has one of those old CHED Anvil labels I've cut out of half of the concert tees I still wear. The actual
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