Up for auction is a cute little vintage POLAR CUB ELECTRIC FAN, MADE IN THE USA... It RUNS fairly smoothly when the one switch is pushed to the back. (Think it is only one speed).. BUT THE CORD IS WORST I'VE EVER SEEN LOL! DEFINITELY NEEDS TOTALLY REPLACED-REPAIRED . (Scared to plug it in-and surprised when it took off running!) No idea how it comes apart for replacing the cord but you probably know! It jiggles and moves a little when running and sitting on counter.. Think is may actually be a wall-mount design. It was found at auction with another old Bakelite fan I will be listing separately so check it out later! I don't know any history or specific age.

I would describe it as being in varying condition. (see photos). The cage and fan blades are good, just typical over the years wear, lots of paint gone/chipped.. Back motor part and base is rougher.. Over the years wear, buildup (needs cleaned bad) etc., hard to read label. The base has 2 holes where the cord goes in and out and there is something around both holes.. Like melted wire-goo-glue-lava! (See photos). Don't know if this can be removed? It appears there was 4 holes in the base edge where maybe it could have been wall-mounted... One hole is open/good and other 3 holes plugged.. No idea if this is removable?? Its overall a nice old piece of history (which I'm hoping
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