vtg stainless steel Universal coffeematic percolator


This is a cool vintage Universal percolator made Landers, Frary and Clark, New Berlin, Conn. U.S.A..

Pot on bottom says:

Stainless Steel



for Better Coffee

AC only NO.4520

volts 110-120

Watts 600

PAT. NO. 2658134 PAT. APPD. For

Notice how the spout is close to the pot. It doesn't stick out like most percolator spouts.

The handle is also closer to the pot.

More streamlined.

There is not a glass top, a solid knob. Cord is in good shape.

There is a nice engraving on the front and back. The same lines are on the design on the handle ( on gold band), on the desired strength button and around the base.

It has a ready light that comes on when the coffee is ready. (3rd and 4th pictures) Took about 10 minutes for it to come on.

There are a few slight scratches on it. In the 5th picture you can see faint scratches, looks as if were made by a scouring pad. Others are from normal handling.

There is a small dent in the lid, maybe able to see that in 6th picture. I checked the picutre and the dent must be behind the knob. It is about an inch long. When you run your thumb over it it smooth, no ruff edges.

Stem and basket are one unit. Clean inside.

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