Vtg Vaseline Uranium Glass Tiffany Glass? Art Deco Rare Pink Glass Lamp Shade

This is a very rare lamp shade, Vaseline art glass, that has turned pink, and shines bright Uranium green on the vines, leaves and acorns. We can't say for sure who made it. It's not signed.
But the over all glass quality, is very telling. This piece was made for a specific lamp, a long time ago, we assume 1880s plus or minus. We can't say enough, that you will probably never see anther one of these, ever. If you have a older Tiffany lamp, or bronze statue with a lamp (and it has a sub standard glass shade) this is the shade that should be on it.
Actually this piece of art glass is a stand alone piece of art. No Lamp Needed. This piece makes a whole cabinet full of curiosities, look common. Especially if it's in a Uranium glass collection, or art glass collection.
Are you an artist, that has been looking for that special piece of glass to complete your project? As stated earlier, you will probably never see another of these. Giving you that (WoW) factor you've been looking for.
8 3/4" tall x 6" widest x 3" mounting flange.
The glass is in great original shape. No Chips or Cracks. As with all Real Old Glass, you will have impurities in the glass, air bubbles, and rub marks in the glass. There was a air bubble pop that the original manufacturer ground down, on the edge of the mounting flange. One acorn
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