Vtg Wood Crucifix Sick Call Last Rights Catholic INRI Celluloid Ivory Look 13"

A vintage 60's SUNCO solid hardwood crucifix with an ivory look celluloid Christ figure held in place with tiny brass nails. The crucifix includes two small candles, a glass bottle for Holy Water and instructions. Many years ago it used to be common for people to receive a "sick call crucifix" as a wedding gift. They would hang it over their marriage bed with the idea was that, in old age or infirmity, a priest would be called to come to the home to provide the sacraments. In the early days, before people had access to hospitals, sick family members were cared for in the home. A sick call set was therefore quite common in many Catholic homes. T he crucifix would be taken down, and set up beside the bed with the candles lit. If you called a priest to your home to bring Holy Communion or to give the Last Rites then ideally, someone would be waiting by the window for the priest, and seeing him pull in the driveway, go outside (holding a candle) to escort him into the house.
Even when every member of the household is in excellent health, a sick call set, especially the crucifix, is a poignant reminder of Jesus' healing powers. Many choose to hang the crucifix on a wall - above a bed, in a child's bedroom, or any place in the home as a reminder that Jesus doesn't ever abandon us when we are suffering. The crucifix is a reminder that
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