VTG. Ye Merrie Minstrel Caroling Christmas Bells - 25 Carols


ye merrie minstrel

This auction is for one vintage set of Caroling Christmas bells made by Ye Merrie Minstrel that play 25 different Chrstmas carols. Each bell is equipped with its own clapper and play's it's own tone this set has been tested and does work fine. There is one thing that I need to mention is there is one small piece of black electrial tape on one of the wires going to one of the bell's, see pics This does not effect the beauty or performance of this fine set. These are brass bell's and there is a small amount of patina on these bells tried to show in pics this adds to the beatuy of thses bells as most know it takes along time for something to naturally patina and I would guess that it could be polished off but I'll leave that up to the lucky winner!

This would be a nice addition to you Christmas decorations or collection!

Thanks for looking at this auction be sure to see my other items!