Firstly,thanks a million to all of you who let us know you love Skullz clothing! The response to this new Lagenlook label from London has been over-whelming. What started as an opinion that the Plus size section in any USA store is the same old crap, with the same old sad designs, done in different colors every season has ballooned into a great success. Similar designs to Skullz in Europe given the dead dollar are costing an absolute fortune. & you can only buy Skullz in the USA from us right now.

Even better is the fact that Skullz items are made in the USA. No 3rd world child-labor sweat shops.

We`ve been slightly off the radar lately. We`re building a guest house on the side of Jay`s house in Palm Springs. We`re hampered by the 100 degree heat, 5 Jack Russells & lots of parrots hanging out like they`re Building Inspectors.

A simply gorgeous artistical delight! Made by BARBARA WHO. This is an ultra light knit of super stretchy 100% Viscose. The predominantly green background has some Rennaissance influenced Ladies on it. Big oversized sleeves makes for an open bust size.

A fabulous Lagenlook top layer.

One Size fits All

Fits bust up to approx 62"

Across that bottom hem is 19ins, stretching to 30" across.

Length 20.5"

Required Info:

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