W.F.Sprengnether Portable Seismograph Instr., w/OrigBox

W. F. Sprengnether Portable Seismograph Instrument (We believe this instrument to be a seismograph for determining intensity of earthquakes - this company also made instuments for detecting and tracking hurricanes) We found the instrument in its original box. The instrument measures 5-1/4" wide x 1-5/8" thick, flat sides are 3" high from base - This arched form houses a scale with a center apex reading zero - scale goes each way from zero (10 to 90)- five equal spaces marked off between each section (total space in each section is equal to 3/8") Below scale is a 1/4" opening that allows device to show tremors - from left a black metal point, from right a red indicator point, The indicators appear very sensitive (when small magnet is placed on either side of device, the indicators swing smoothly and freely over scale. On surface of other side is W. F. Sprengnether, Pat. Applied For, St. Louis, Mo. - on left a large S, on right a large N. Instrument is made of heavy, non-magnetic metal - 1/4" thick. Heavy, inset screw/bolts keep the two sides together - device made portable by 52" old woven cord, attached to two metal, swivel pieces of metal, shaped like a triangle. Original box measures 5-3/4 wide x 4" thick x 5-3/4" high - all eight corners have sturdy steel corner brackets, riveted to box - snap-lock marked Excelsior, Stanford, ... read more