W K C Solingen, Small Sword, Court Sword or Epee c1888

This is a W. K. & C Solingen blade, Court Sword or Gentleman's Sword from the period 1885 to 1890. Although this is German-manufactured and sold, it appears to derive its form more from the English court fashion of the day. Most particularly it derives from the pattern for 1888 from The Pattern Book of Matthew Bolton's Sword Hilts --this one particularly for the year 1888. The combined King's Head and Knights Head signature appears on the the Obverse of the Ricasso, along with the initials W.K.&C. ED Sachs, Berlin, is engraved on the Reverse.

The hilt is intricately delicate and bound with contrasting weaves of brass wire that gives a beaded look. The Pommel and other parts surrounding the hilt are intricately carved in relief. The whole is a very well balanced and intricate presentation of a court Sword together with pleasing chasing on the upper half of the blade which is well preserved. One side of the crossguard is delicately hinged so that if folds flat when the sword is worn at the side of the body. The scabbard is of composite material. The metal end protector is missing.

My husband purchased this beautiful sword in Berlin in the early 60's, but we've never taken the time to learn anything about it. Recently, as we've been downsizing our collections of vintage and antique items, I've been reading
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