W &LE GURLEY was first established in 1845 and produced some of the best surveying equipment in America.I believe this is a surveyors vernier compass.It is made of brass and bronze and is stored inside a mahogany surveyors boxwith the original company label inside the lid.The compass measures 5 3/4inches from outside to outside.The North part of the compass is etched with W&LE GURLEY,TROY,NY..tHE BUBBLES ARE CLEAR,screws turn easily on the outside of compass,and the box has 2 #7 latches that keeps the box secure.The box measures 8" by 61/2".The brass compass has 2 folding sites,one with a copper wire running in the middle and the other with a slit in the center.It also has 2 brass bubbles for leveling,one beside the EAST and one bubble under SOUTH.The brass does have a aged look,the box has some scratches on it including a small crack on the outside top of box.I could not find ANY kind of numbers but after searching forever on the net I did find what I thought was a late 1800's surveying compass.Right beside the original print on the inside of the box is the date 1908 written in pencil,not sure about that.From what research I did it looks to be a pre-1900 surveyors vernier compass which cost $21.00 new .It has a small brass fitting included that was for the tri-pod or the jacob staff mounting.Thanks,joe..