W.S. George Collector Plate Gossamer Wings Lena Liu SET


W.S. George Collection. The W.S. George name is the collector's guarantee of works of art in china. This butterfly series of plates include original boxes and Certificate of Authenticity.

Monarch Butterflies. First Issue 1988. Plate No. 11434A. Bradex No. 84-G20-3.1 Western Tiger Swallowtails. Second Issue 1988. Plate No. 12B. Bradex No. 84-G20-3.2 Red Spotted Purples. Third Issue 1988. Plate No. 3411A. Bradex No. 84-G20-3.3 Malachites. Fourth Issue 1988. Plate No. 5243A. Bradex No. 84-G20-3.4 White Peacocks. Fifth Issue 1989. Plate No. 14432A. Bradex No. 84-G20-3.5 Eastern Tailed Blues. Sixth Issue 1989. Plate No. 4829C. Bradex No. 84-G20-3.6 Zebra Swallowtails. Seventh Issue 1989. Plate No. 3129B. Bradex No. 84-G20-3.7 Red Admirals. Eighth and final issue 1989. Plate No. 14130A. Bradex No. 84-G20-3.8 These plates were produced in a limited edition limited to a maximum of 150 firing days. The first collector's plate series ever sponsored by the Xerces Society. Plates are 8 1/2 inch diameter. Collection was displayed for a short period of time when purchased by original owner. Have been in clean, dry storage for years and are in excellent condition.

Lena Liu is originally from Taiwan, w her studies in Oriental art began. Ms Liu combines modern painting techniques, the gracefulness of Oriental
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