WA,Seattle area Pinback 1968 SKY RIVER Rock Festival

Sky River - New American Community

Pacific Northwest Rock Festival

Rare 1968 Vendor / Staff Pinback

( Goshwow Ships to U.S. Addresses ONLY )

ITEM: Pin, Badge, Pinback Button

SUBJECT: Music, Rock Festival, Rock 'n Roll

SPECIFICS: Authentic 1968 item. NOT a reproduction. Celluloid pinback has a diameter of 2-1/4". Text reads " SKY RIVER - BOOTH - NEW AMERICAN COMMUNITY." This pin was to be worn as a "credential" item by vendors and staff at the festival. Festival held August 30, 31, September 1, 1968 .

BACKGROUND: Sky River was THE major Rock Festival in the Pacific Northwest before nervous lawmakers passed prohibitive laws / restrictions / insurance requirements that basically killed the prospects of any future large-scale Festivals.

The SKY RIVER ROCK FESTIVAL and LIGHTER THAN AIR FAIR was held in a large muddy posture outside Sultan, Washington. Promoter was John Chambliss and his Seattle organization "New American Community." Rock bands who played were: SANTANA, GRATEFUL DEAD, PINK FLOYD, YOUNGBLOODS, COUNTRY JOE and THE FISH, It's A Beautiful Day, PEANUT BUTTER CONSIPIRACY, MUDDY WATERS, Buffy St. Marie, John Fahey, guitarist SANDY BULL, Seattle psychedelic band EASY CHIAR and others. Also on hand was a young comedian named RICHARD PRYOR.

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