Wacky Packages 46 Cards From 1970's 1st-8th Series

This auction is for 46 Wacky Packages (+2) from a variety of series put out between 1973 and 1974
This auction includes:
1973 **Series 1: Breadcrust Corned Beef Hash Minute Pre-Cooked Lice Quacker Oats 6UP Maddie Boy
1973, **Series 2: Blecch Shampoo Boo-Hoo Tear Flavored Drink
1973, **Series 3: SweatHard Odorous Soap Snatch*A*Pak Motorzola Hurtz Crazy Canary Food Windchester 45's Poor Foolball Hungry Jerk Neveready Sledge Lucky Stride Beanball
**1974, Series 7: Mex-Pax Dimwit Dots Hag And Hag Hurtz Tomato Ketchup Soggy Babies Moron Blank Crows Blast Blew Ribbon Beer Alpoo Dumb Dogs Boozo Medi-Quak Flopp Murial Blands Slopicana El Polluto Hurtz Baked Bears Leek Oil Dripper Dums Grime Dusty Greasy Chunks Gurgles Barely Cereal Emptimo Contrac Caged Fibby's Juice My*T*Fink Sunstroke Creature Crackers
1974, **Series 8: Mop & Glop Cleaner Ivery Snow
I have 2 more cards to add to this lot:1973 series 1, Camals, and 1973 4th series, Grazin Bran. Both cards have flaws. Grazin Bran has a speck of foreign material on it's face. It seems to come off when rubbed. Camals is indented with what looks like an attempted slice or maybe a fold.
The auction is for 46 cards but you'll be receiving 48 cards. I'm also sending along the puzzle pieces to these series. None of the series has enough pieces
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