Wade(Heath) Walt Disney Micky Mouse and Friends Tea Set

This is a Fantastic Wadeheath Walt Disney Micky Mouse and Friends Childs Tea Set!!

It has One Cup and Saucer, One Tea Pot, One Milk Jug and One Sugar Bowl.

On the Cup it has a picture of Donald duck asleep on some hay with 'Donald Duck Boy Blue' written underneath the picture.

On the Saucer it has on one side a picture of Jack sitting down woth a black eye and bump on his head with 'Jack' written underneath, and on the other side a picture if Horse Collar standing holding a gun with 'Horse Collar' written underneath.

On the Tea Pot, it has a picture of Minnie Mouse reading a letter excitedly with 'Minnie Mouse' written underneath. Around the rim under the lid is a slight stress crack, it very minute so I am unable to take a photo of it, it measures only 4mm, but I thought it should be mentioned.

On the Sugar Bowl it has a picture of Pluto standing with 'Pluto' written underneath.

And the Milk Jug has a picture of Donald Duck dancing with 'Donald Duck' written underneath.

The set is in perfect condition with no chips cracks or restoration ( apart from the stress crack on the teapot mentioned above)

The Tea Pot and the Saucer both have the 'Wadeheath Ware Made In England' Mark in Black printed on the bottom, it also has 'By Permission Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Ltd'
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