Wafer Keying Kit Locksmith / Handyman / Homeowner

Wafer Keying Kit for Cam Wafer Locks of All Types

If you don't have this kit, you are loosing money and jobs, not to mention customers. This kit contains wafers #1-#5 with a universal keyway to be able to re-key and key alike about 90% of the cam locks on the market today. A universal keyway allows different keys to enter any lock that the key enters the original lock face. Whether you have a Yale 14, a Corbin, Hudson, or ESP lock, these wafers can be used to replace those that are bent or broken. Corbin, Chicago, and National all have specific wafers that only accept their keys and no other keys are accepted. Our kit can bypass this and accept their keys and others. National wafer kits sell for close to $100 and only services their locks. Ours will service theirs and many others.. This kit allows you to replace bent wafers in camper shell locks and garage door handles without having a seperate kit for each brand of lock. All parts are labeled and heat sealed for shipping and identification. Bid to Win and Semper Fi.

Check out some of our other "Mini" kits. The only thing missing from our kits is the wasted "Air" space. All items are labeled and heat sealed for easy identification. These kits fit your shirt pocket and don't take up much room on the bench. See something you want, ask. Most of these are Double-Sided
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