Wagon Builders Plate CDA Number 375129

Please note main image is a restored Wagon plate and the item we are selling is in ex-traffic condition as illustrated in the other images.

CDA Wagon Plate

Here is a rare opportunity to purchase a piece of Cornish Railway and China Clay history.

In the early part of 2013 a set of eight china clay wagons were scrapped at St. Blazey Depot.

These CDA wagons were used to transport China Clay from Various sites in Cornwall and Devon to the docks at Fowey.

They were converted in 1989 from HAA coal wagons and were the final batch to be (re)built for clay traffic.

They had been stored behind Goonbarrow Signalbox since 2004 and were tripped to St. Bazey yard a couple of years ago with a view

to dismantling for spares finally being cut up this year.

The plates were removed and donated by Henry Orchards Scrap Merchants at the request of local historian and transport author,

Stephen Heginbotham, who is a local manager for Network Rail at St. Blazey.

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