Wagon Wheel-Model T-Metal and Wood

Whether you are a stage set designer or trying to set up adisplay or do photography for the fashion runway, this wagon wheel isfor you. You probably think a wheel is a wheel, but this one is special.
The Ford Model T and its immediate predecessors using the covered wagon as a metaphor and the wheels were oak spokes with metal hubs and iron rims. This wheel was a transition to the modern automobile, but because these wagon wheels were so durable some of them survived.
I bought this wheel from Fred Parker, 88 years old, who lived and died in Pony, Montana, a ghost town in the Tobacco Root mountains, north of Virginia City, MT. I was going through town and Fred was having a yard sale. I stopped and looked at his booty and he was selling his hat, his saddle, and this old Model T wheel. I asked him why anyone would want it and he said, Hell, you city folks will buy anything. I explained I grew up in Montana. He looked me up from head to foot and said, You live in the city now, young fella. I drove off with the hat, saddle, and wheel in my rental car and I won't tell you what I paid for them. That was nearly thirty years ago and I am keeping the hat and selling the wagon wheel. I donated the saddle to a museum because it turns out Fred was one heck of a wrangler once. If you want an appreciation of the Ford and Henry Ford I
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