This is a rare specialty Reason refill that may be the only one of its kind. Not to be confused with a regular Waldorf Q Reason refill/Samples, this is the "16 Analog Filter Q+", very rich sounding indeed. We spent weeks Programming and making this a Reason refill. Not like some refills, that just dump the samples into the NN-XT or NN-19 sampler without any or very little programming and then are saved as a refill. Only the "Best of the Q+ sound" was sampled and then made into a Reason refill. Made use of all Filters, LFO's, Envelopes, Voices and the Mod wheel.

The Super rare Waldorf Q+ is a massive sounding synth with 16 Real Analog Filters, not like the Reg. Q (only digital filters), so if you have a regular Waldorf Q samples or refill, its not the same as Waldorf Q+ refill, trust me! This is the best way to get that Waldorf Q+ sound without paying $3,800.

You get all the food groups here: Heavy Basses, Super fat Pads, Crystal Clear leads and Textured FX.

Some eBay user testimonies:

Now the Best Reason refill that I own! Fast shipping Very Cool WAVs!!! - ryand626

Great samples can't wait till you get more I like!!!!!! - 1 millby5

Totally FAT awesome pads etc!! Thanx!!;-) - nslilies

Great product at a great price. A+++ seller - 3511 omar

Thanks Very Much For The Refills!!
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