4 Waldron crinoid..3 cups..1 root system..trilobite

3 Eucalyptocrinites crassus cupsplus root system
Silurian Trilobite
Waldron Shale
St. Paul, Indiana


Cup 11 mm height, 110 x 60 mm matrix, w nice brachiopods and other debris

Root system 50 mm diameter, 60 x 80 mm matrix, nicely prepped

Cup 30 mm height, 110 x 80 mm matrix, includes bryozoa, brachiopods, more

Cup 20 mm, 70 x 60 mm matrix, cup plus pieces of a crown

Featured are 4Silurian Crinoids from the famous Waldron Shale in St. Paul, Indiana. The specimens are nicely preserved. The images show the preservation of the piece.
Crinoids from the Waldron are becoming harder to find, and most public sites have been closed to collecting.
This specimens were prepared by Marc Behrendt and have no restoration to the fossils or matrix.
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