WALKERA 2.4G Metal Lama2 RC 4CH Barebone Helicopter

BAREBONE Helicopter with full body parts.
A Full Metal Lama2 helicopter barebone
Extra Main Blade

Please notes: This is not a full set helicopter! It has NO transmitter (No control). NO charger!
This is ONLY for people who already have WK2401 transmitter or WK2801 transmitter!
Other transmitter cannot be used with it!


You are looking at a barebone full metal head helicopter of Lama2.
The barebone helicopter has everything included full body, motors, pair servos, receiver, battery, and extra pair main blades.
The heli is assemble in Walkera factory originally.
It has NO transmitter and NO AC Power adapter!


1). Coaxial structure and palm-sized dimension are used to make Lama 2 as the optimal model for indoor enterainment.
2). New 2.4G technology, with the functions of automatic identification and precise code pairing, can allow above many aircrafts to fly in the same field and same time.
3). It utilizes the 2.4G receiving circuit with built-in gyro sensitivity adjustment.
4). Lama 2, equipped with stroke servo, features light weight, easy operation, prompt response and fine travel control.
5). High performance 2*1215FE motor, powered by 3.7V 400mAh Lipo, offers 8-to11-minute flight time, depending on the flight modes.
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