Walkera RC MTC-01 Multifunction Conversion Controller for all Walkera DEVO TX

Welcome: You are bidding : MTC-01 Multifunctional Adapter Android WK Devention

Walkera MTC-01 Review : If you have the problem with the walkera wk series helicopters, no worries any more, here comes a good news for you, the walkera factory have just worked out a smart adapter: walkera mtc-01, also named walkera magic cube, which can make the wk version radio work with the new devention series helicopters. What's more, you can use it with your phone as long as it has Android system.

All the WK series radios is now compatible with DEVO series helicopters.Transfer the control signal into DEVO series radio 2.4GHz signal via PPM port.(only suitable for the older WK series radios)

Specification :

Frequency: 2.4G frequency hopping Output Power: less than 10mW Electrical current: less than 35mA Battery: 3.7V 80mAh lithium polymer battery Weight: 10g

Instructions of Walkera MTC-01 :

Power indicator / data transfer indicator Binding indicator Charging indicator Power switch Charger Controllers plug

You can connect it to your android phones just like this:

Here bellow are the pictuers to show how to manage the walkera mtc-01, don't worry you can also check them from the manual.RC Copter software function(need to download from the internet)Turn on the helicopter software on the cellphone interface, touch
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