The Walking Dead - Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars NEW/TPB

This auction is for one (1) copy of The Walking Dead, volume 3, SAFETY BEHIND BARS by Kirkman/Adlard! a softcover trade paperback, see the back cover above for more details.
This softcover edition is new but MAY have some minor wear marks as these are MASS produced thanks to the success of the tv show. This item is not a first print. ALL COPIES SHOULD QUALIFY AS very-fine/near-mint for you collectors out there, but do to the mass-production of these you would have to dig to find a true mint copy.
Books are wrapped in a slightly oversized cardboard sandwich and then slipped into a comic/magazine bag and then sealed. This wonderful comic sandwich is then lovingly slipped into a bubble mailer all snug as a bug.
All items are USUALLY shipped within three business days. Maybe 10% of the time its the 4th day due to weather or a sick kid. We are a family seller (me & my little woman) and we love comics and love to sell them cheap! We mail for FREE so we use MEDIA MAIL which is not the fastest but still cheap and safe. Since we live in the country we make it to the post office 2 or 3 days per week, not everyday! If you are OK with that, BID AWAY!!! If you are one who wants overnight delivery, that's gonna be tough so you may not want to use us. That is OK with us. We do NOT want to disappoint anyone. So if you
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