Walking Liberty Half Short Set...Excellent Condition with air tite cherry case

Comple short set of Liberty Walking Half Dollars in excellent condition. 1941 PDS, 1942 PDS, 1943 PDS, 1944 PDS, 1945 PDS, 1946 PDS, and 1947 PD (No S was issued for that year. All coins are stored in air tite containers, inserted into a backboard (they are removable), and includes the airtite cherry wood display case with magnetic closure. Display case is 11 1/2 x 6 1/4. No reserve, free priority USPS shipping, and a very reasonable starting price. The photo of the entire set in the case seems to show toning on the right side...all the coins are blast white, please refer to the close up shots of the individual coins...the pictures follow the dates of the coins, the first picure showing the first five coins, etc.

I have added 3 new pictures, one showing the display box closed to highlight the beautiful cherry wood, and the other two show the box open in better light to detail the excellent condition of all the coins.