Walking Panther" by Rembrandt Bugatti, terrific Art Deco bronze sculpture

Considered one of the best animal sculptors of all time, Rembrandt Bugatti (Italian/French, 1884-1914) was a son of the fabled family best known today for extraordinary automobiles and Art Deco furniture. Bugatti was known to spend countless hours at the Zoo in Antwerp, Belgium to understand the anatomy and movement of his animal subjects. Then, he would use an impressionistic technique to capture its spirit in clay.
In this most famous of his works, Bugatti depicts a walking panther in such a way as to capture the animal's coiled tension. Although the panther appears at first to be casually walking, it is ready to spring into action at any moment. Only by seeing this stunning sculpture from multiple angles can Bugatti's genius truly be grasped, though, because every sinuous curve of the big cat is accurately shown.
Our casting of Walking Panther faithfully captures Bugatti's mastery of his subject. We have cast the sculpture in our own California art foundry using 28 lbs. (13 kg) of pure bronze. The sculpture is finished with a beautiful patina in tones of chocolate brown with amber undertones. Mounted onto a gorgeous marble base, it stands 10" high by 22" wide by 8" deep (25 cm high by 56 cm wide by 20 cm deep). The sculpture is signed "R Bugatti" and we have cast our Art Bronze foundry seal into its bronze base. Walking
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