4' Wall MURAL ALICE in WONDERLAND Keyhole Lock Door a8

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we have hundreds of wall mural templates for kids as well as women and men.

These easy to do wall murals will look like you had them done professionaly!

All our wall murals are created on RECYCLED material, helping to save the environment!

The murals are very easy to trace and paint to your wall, 's how:

Tape the design to the wall at the top.

Place a sheet of carbon or graphite paper under the mural w you will start tracing.

Hold or tape the medium underneath in place.

Trace on top of the mural with a pencil until the entire design has been traced to the wall.

Lift up the mural to make sure you traced all the outlines, then you are ready to paint!

The design can also be left as just the outline and it looks great.

That's it, your done!

See demo below:

Easy to do wall murals, just trace and paint!

.....is easy as.....1.....2.....3.....

The transfer medium does not come attached to the mural template as shown above. (not included).

All mural templates can be re-used over and over again!

Paint design any color you wish!

This is what your mural template will look like, only

This mural template is:

Alice in Wonderland

Also if you would like a different design or character you don't see in our ebay store.....

let us know and if we can get it we will list in an auction.

Money orders, checks and cashiers checks by mail.

International orders are always welcome.

and about shipping...

We ship everyday Monday through Saturday.

We fill orders as quickly as possible, and usualy ship the same day,

occasionaly 1-3 days when we are swamped.

We also ship on Saturday as well.

We ship by all means....

First class, Priority, Express and Global Priority.

Shipping is combined at the listed price plus 1.00 for each additional.

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