Walnut Grove", Gary Waters 8"x10" Silver contact print

Fine art contact Print by Gary Waters 8"x10" Silver Gelatin print, ca. 1971, from a 8" x 10" negative. This print is an AP, artist proof indicated on print reverse by studio stamp and signature. Printed archivally on a fiber-based, double weight silver rich paper. The print is floated in 14" x 17" warm gray acid free matte cut with a 45 degree cut over matte, On the over matte is "AP" "Walnut Grove, CA" and artists signature in pencil. I process and print all my work myself, and take pride in producing top quality prints. I have been involved in photography since the mid 1960's, working in formats from 1/2 frame to 8 x 10 view cameras. Prints will be shipped flat and carefully packaged.