Walt Disney Beauty and Beast Reflection of Love Sericel

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The Story

After seeing her sick father in the enchanted mirror, Belle makes the difficult decision to leave her new home, just as the rose petals begin to fall and her romance with the Beast begins to blossom.

The Artwork

The sericel, "Reflection of Love," was inspired by Sequence 18.1, Scene 12 of the classic 1991 animated feature. With Beauty and the Beast, Disney storytellers not only created complex, beloved characters, but also gave unprecedented significance to objects and props. The enchanted mirror, shown in this scene from the film, was an inspired storytelling device used to propel Belle from the Beast's castle, back to the provincial life she left behind. In addition, the symbolic rose - a principal element of the original, age-old fairy tale - was used as a "ticking clock" to propel the action and as a symbol of the Beast's urgent need to find a love who can see beyond his appearance and appreciate his inner beauty.
The Walt Disney Studios has created this character image using the fine art screen-printing process of color reproduction known as serigraphy. Disney artists, working from original animation drawings and film reference materials used for the production of Beauty and the Beast, specially created a hand-inked, hand-painted
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