Walt Disney & Mickey Partners Statue Blaine Gibson

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Up for Auction we have WALT & MICKEY "PARTNERS" SCULPTURE by BLAINE GIBSON. This is a cold-cast resin bronze statue is modeled after the original "Partners" statue which marks the center of the 'Plaza', the focal point of the different "lands" in Disneyland. The sculpture measures 13.5 inches high and stands on a solid marble base giving a total dimension of 15"H X 10"W X 5"D.

The sculpture is in absolute mint condition. This is without doubt an exceptional sculptured piece of what is probably the most famous of all Disney statues and would be the ultimate edition to any Disney collection.

After animating all day at The Walt Disney Studios, Blaine Gibson would go home at night and sculpt, which had been a favorite hobby of his since childhood. Then, in 1954, Walt Disney happened to see one of Blaine's art exhibits, which featured several animal sculptures, and recruited him to work on special projects for his new theme park, Disneyland.

In the beginning, Blaine divided his time between sculpting and animating for the Company, until 1961, when he transferred to the design and development division to supervise the newly-created sculpture department, full-time. Ultimately, Blaine went on to make a name for himself in 3-D animation, creating hundreds of sculptures
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