WALT DISNEY WORLD MONORAIL SYSTEM Black Striped Car Only Goes 1 Way 20' Set

WALT DISNEY WORLD MONORAIL SYSTEM with a Black Striped Monorail.

This Monorail system is 20 feet around and can be made into a rounded OR oval shape, as shown in pictures 1 & 2. It consists of 20 support posts, 12 Curved Pieces, 8 Straight pieces, and a Black-Striped Walt Disney World Monorail.

Press the button on top and a voice speaks telling you to "Please stand clear of the doors", amongst other things. The button on the side makes the Monorail move. This monorail however makes a very loud high pitched noise when it goes one way. If you switch the button on the side and make it go the other way, it goes fine, with no high pitched loud noise. Something might be rubbing or it might need some oil...I can't tell.....when purchasing it, just figure it only goes one way. Any questions feel free.

The plastic tracks are light weight and in good condition. New batteries are included so you'll be ready to go.

I will also be sending you one extra straight piece, one extra curved piece, and one extra support piece.

It would be best advised to pay for this immediately or the very next day (Sunday) to make sure this definitely arrives before Christmas.