Walt Disney's Tinker Bell by Royal Doulton

Tinker Bell by Royal Doulton

Walt Disney Showcase Collection

Tinker Bell is a charming and loyal faiary with a charming smile and fiery temper! She loves adventure and is fearlessly brave; her best friend are Rani, Prella and Peter Pan.

Tink is an expert at fixing and and meading things with her teakettle hammer in her workshop.

Tinker Bell hates gossip and is terrified that the others fairies will find out that she is in love with Peter Pan.

Hand Painted and Hand Decorated

Highly Detailed Bone China

Disney Showcase Collection Stamp on bottom

6 inches tall

wing span 3 1/2 inches

Certificate of Authenticity

Gift Boxed

Excellant Condition -- Brand New

In original box

No chips, crackes, or breaks