Walter Bosse era MCM Pottery ANZENGRUBER Keramik Austria Sailor in Boat w/Anchor

Mid-Century Modern ANZENGRUBER Keramik Wien Austria Sailor in Boat Measuring nearly 8 1/4" tall this majolica figurine was made by the mid-century artisan Leo Anzengruber of Vienna, Austria. It depicts a sailor standing up in a rowboat, smoking a pipe and holding an anchor, with the rope tangle around his left leg. Hs eyes are closed and he is intent on smoking his pipe. He wears a typical sailor's suit of blue pants and a white sailor's top and sailor's cap. He has a delightful face and rosy cheeks typical of this artisan's style. It is in very good condition with what appears to be a repair on the collar of the shirt, in the back. I couldn't find the repair but there is some glue residue so I assumed so. He also shows some crazing on his left arm. It bears no tag but is marked on the bottom Mod. 87 Serie. I have seen a other sailors by Anzengruber with this same model number.
LEOPOLD ANZENGRUBER KERAMIK WIEN c. 1950. Leopold Anzengruber was born in Steyr, Austria on 30 March 1912. Interestingly after leaving school he was trained at a young age in Firenze, Italy. He didn't return to Austria until 1942. After World War II, in 1948, he set up Anzengruber-Keramic by taking over the pottery workshop of Gusti Mundt-Amann 49 Boecklin Strasse, Vienna 2. He made a go it and the business flourished. He also designed many Negro and African
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