Walter Fleming Old Style Whiskey Jug With Face

The short of it! ("hurry up already!")

Antique Whiskey Jug Based Face Jug by famed NC Potter Walter Fleming Piece is based of antique mold poured whiskey jugs Glaze: Piece features Walters Triple Glaze, with alkaline wood ash glaze as base, darker defined glaze on face and then high lustor glaze the darker glaze has a reaction which causes it to turn blue in some areas and drip down has magnificent drips around the mouth, ears, and eyes Height: 10 inches tall Condition: Without Flaw, mint Shipping: Flat rate $15 for continental US via DHL, includes full insurance, and professional double boxing

The longer & more detailed version!( In case you like the small talk!")

It was about three months ago when we were over at Walters Place picking up some pieces to list on , he asked why we never got any of his whiskey jugs... we said it was because t were not any faces on it... at that time we asked Walter to start, if he wanted to put some faces on his spectacular whiskey jugs, making them even more magnificent!! Now they are some of the hottest pieces of dried and friend mud that exists! This awsome piece stands at approx ten inches in height (10 in), and is in flawless condition. Featuring the triple layered glazing that makes Walters stuff look so great. Walters Clay is hand dug, by him on third creek, in his property.
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