Walter Fleming Unusual New Style *Blue Swirl* Face Jug

The short of it! ("Get to the point already!")

New Style Swirl Face Jug by Catawba Valley Potter Walter Fleming Glazing: New Black speckled Blue Swirl To Natural Molasses, with lusturous finish This is one of the, if not the first Blue Swirl Face Jug that Walter has made Height: approx. 9.5 inches tall Condition: piece is without any flaws what so ever, mint Shipping: flat $15 for continental US, includes full coverage insurance, and quality shipment via DHL

The longer & more detailed version! ("Just in case")

It has been a matter of years since a piece such as this one has come out of Walters kiln, really I think this is one of the first blue swirl pieces to be fired in Walters new Kiln! This piece is an articulate twist on Southern Folk pottery. This face jug stands at nine and a half inches in height (9.5), is without flaws in any way, and is signature stamped on the bottom. This is one of the first and only blue swirl face jugs that Walter has made in years! No one else comes close to the classical design like Walter. His pottery surpasses, and outclasses every contemporary potter when it comes to making classic pieces of country folk pottery! This breathtaking piece just shimmers in the light, and shows magnificently! This piece would make an excellent addition to any quality collection! Walters pottery
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