Walthers Circus Train Loads 24 boxes in all

Walthers Famous and Rare 20 car Circus Train needs loads for their flat cars ... all in the original boxes and ready for a new home. Down sizing precludes me from doing a layout large enough for the Circus to come to town ,but if you ever dreamed of life under the Big top is your chance. i am offering the set as one lot with a realistic reserve. I will also be offering 20 car Circus train set as well under a separate listing . Enjoy the ride, smell the popcorn, hear the barker listen to the roar of the crowd !! baggage wagon, mother goose tableau wagon (built up), ge/baggage cicus wagon, concession circus trunk wagon, 1890s western concord stagecoach, concession wagons light plant charging tiger tableau (built up) pole wagon, plank wagon, chair wagon, human cannonball truck (2 of these), UNA-fon Cole brothers(2), equipment wagon circus,circus run kit (ramps), office wagon, storage van, circus trunk wagon, storage van,chair wagon , equipment wagon circus
(I should have listed these before but t you go , thank you)

I found the note below on a train buffs blog and i think it was dated last year but if the Circus World train cant run, yours certainly can !

good Luck

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