Walthers Cornerstone HO #3065 Ore Dock NEW Building !

This is a New In Box Cornerstone Series(R) Plastic Kit #933-3065 Ore Dock ( Vary big Structure )

48-1/2" (121.2cm) Long, 5" (12.5cm) Wide, Modular Design

HO Scale / 1:87 Scale

Getting iron ore from the mines to the furnace has always been a huge job. As the furnaces grew, so too did their appetites, requiring loading facilities that were up to the task. Many steel companies and railroads erected these big loading docks at Great Lakes ports to keep the iron ore (and later taconite) moving down to the steel centers. Often stretching for hundreds of feet, these engineering masterpieces were first made of wood and later of concrete and steel. Through a series of pockets lining the sides, iron ore could be loaded by gravity into the waiting holds of the big ore boats.
Still in use today, ore docks are home to some of the most fascinating railroading in the world. And with this superb kit, it's easy to make it part of your model railroad as well. Carefully engineered to look right without being overwhelming, the basic kit builds into a two-track, single-sided dock. But the modular design offers compete flexibility without the need for cutting and kitbashing. Just combine kits as desired to make a wider, longer, customized dock to fit your space.
Ideal for installation along a wall or as a scenic view
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