Walthers HO Gold Line TTWX All Puropose Flat w ACF Hitches newTTX 932-40802

Brand New in Box Walthers Part #2, p. 164 Walthers 2013 HO Scale Reference HO scale, $44.98, Car#974238 70s & Later Intermodal Flats * Deck Accommodates Containers & Trailers * Great for 70s & Later Intermodal Trains * Includes Container Modeler-Installed Pedestals In Up & Down Positions * Haul Two 40' or Up To Four 20' Containers * Includes Pullman-Standard Non-Cushioned Trailer Hitches in Up & Down Positions * Weighted Die Cast Frame * Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers * RP-25 Metal Wheels * Perfect for Hauling 1970s-Era 40' Smooth-Side Containers (933-2150 Series, Sold Separately) A perfect addition to 1970s and later container trains, these cars feature a deck designed to handle containers or trailers. Each car includes add-on container pedestals in both the up and down positions so you can choose to carry two 40' or up to four 20' containers. Also included are add-on Pullman-Standard non-cushioned trailer hitches in both the up and down positions. Cars come equipped with RP-25 metal wheels and Proto MAX metal knuckle couplers. Shipping 6.00, first item, each additional item 2.00Tag Trains 5399 E Simpson lake, Vincennes IN 47591