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Spiral Goddess Wand

Pewter & Faceted Crystal

Spiral Goddess Wand - This one measures about 8" and is topped with a Gorgeous Faceted Austrian Crystal Point ~ Spiral Goddess Energy with star and moon. This wand calls forth the energies of the Great Goddess. Claiming Your Power. Healing, Abundance. All Elements.

Listing is for wand only. Small Stands and Pillows are not included with this listing but may be purchased separately in my eBay store.

Wand is made in the USA from the finest gemstones and crystals and Lead-Free Pewter with 5% PURE SILVER for conductivity, strength and beauty. Each wand comes in a protective plastic tube for shipping and to save and use to keep your wand safe when you travel to rituals & gatherings. Enclosed are a certificate of authenticity, a booklet explaining how to Consecrate & Dedicate your Wand and another booklet of sample spells.

The Wand is used for invocation - to call to the God and Goddess and ask them to watch your ritual. It can also be used to direct energy. The wand represents the Element of Air and is sacred to the God.

Wand is Brand New as are all items I have listed. However, like any Ritual Tool, this wand should be cleansed and consecrated before using in your rites.

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